About Us/Our Mission To Help Bootstrapped Startups Achieve Success

Welcome to spsFeed, the official directory for discovering the latest and most promising early-stage bootstrapped startups. These startups are solving tomorrow's problems, whether they are still in the idea phase seeking validation, minimum viable products (MVPs) looking for their first users and customers, or startups that have achieved product-market fit, are generating revenue, and flourishing.

Find startups that address everyday challenges and offer solutions at prices that challenge the established norms, without compromising on quality.

Our mission is straightforward: to highlight developing startup companies, especially those with less than 10k in monthly recurring revenue. This allows even the smallest startups to grow, compete, and make an impact in the tech world.

Our directory is carefully curated and maintained by a human touch. Every startup submission is meticulously vetted, ensuring that spsFeed provides an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the dynamic and vibrant world of startups.

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